Metaverse Playground for All NFTs

Empower your NFT

Kollect is the metaverse playground that brings life and adds value to your NFT collections. All NFTs are unique, and you are the author of your NFT's legend. Through Kollect, NFTs are given infinite paths to realize their true potential. To be a hero, a villain, or even a fool, you decide!

Welcome to the World of cards

Warp to the Metaverse!

In the World of Cards, NFTs could awaken their "HashForce" with mystical power source $WOC. Through Cross-Chain Portals all NFTs can join the World of Cards to awaken their true powers. Unleash the hidden power of NFTs!

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card card card
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card card card

Metaverse playground for all NFTs

Join the World of Cards.
Awaken your NFTs potential!

The first P2E game brought by Kollect

Play to Earn

Don't just play, play to earn

  • Daily Quest & Mission
  • Leaderboard
  • Stages

WOC Utillity

Spend $WOC for various perks!

  • Upgrade NFTs
  • Upgrade equipments
  • Recharge energy

KOL Utillity

Sneak Preview of World of Cards' Development!
The First #P2E Game Connected to Kollect's Ecosystem NFT Card Battle Game
All #NFTs Published by Can Be Integrated

Game Pass

Intersect Intersect pass

Integrate your NFT into the World of Cards!

Staking System


Stake KOLs for various perks in game!

Kollect Team

Meet our team members!


Introducing our official partners.










We are backed by some of the world's most influential investors.



Milestones that we have achieved.

Sold Out First NFT Sales with Proprietary IP, Munchie Kings, on OKX
Listing on OKX Exchange & Uniswap
Listing on MEXC Global, BitMart, and BKEX
Sold Out Second NFT Sales with Proprietary IP, Munchie Kings, on OKX
Listing on KuCoin Exchange
Smart Contract Audit Complete
WOC Game Closed Beta Complete


Updated Roadmap Coming Soon!

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